How To Get Weekly Membership In Free Fire Max 2023

How To Get Weekly Membership In Free Fire Max 2023: Readers, come to our new article where we request you to read it and go through today’s topic carefully, we will discuss an important way to get FF Diamonds in Free Fire or Free Fire Max, where we will give you every small detail about it and also tell you that How can you get it inside the game? So stay with us in this article till the very end so that you don’t lose a single piece of info and you can successfully get the Diamond inside your game.

Friends, we have informed you many times through our article that there are many ways to get Free diamonds in our Free Fire, which the developers themselves make. Using these ways, we can easily get Diamonds in our Free Fire Profile. Today’s whole article is based on a method of getting these diamonds which you will get to know below so let’s start this article without any delay.

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Best Ways To Get Diamonds In Free Fire Max

First of all, you need to know that what are the ways to get Diamonds inside our Free Fire game, which have been brought by the developers themselves, not the method that you can find nowadays on any website or website that you get through fake sources.

Game NameGarena Free Fire Max
Article AboutHow To Get Weekly Membership In Free Fire Max
Developer111 Dot Studios
Benefits of Free Fire Max Weekly Membership450 FF Diamonds, Daily Free FF Rewards, and Badges
Price159 Rupees
Subscription ModeVia Official App

There are three different ways to get Diamonds inside our Free Fire game and one way to get them from outside the game. Let us inform you about all four proposals.

1 – FF Diamond Top-up

Friends, the first medium is Top Up. Top Up is a medium through which you can get any number of diamonds at any time, its minimum capacity is ₹ 80, which you will have to spend in exchange for 100 diamonds and the maximum capacity is ₹ 4000 which will have to be spent in exchange for Free Fire 5600 diamonds. This path is open for you for the whole year i.e. for the whole 12 months.

You can get a maximum of 5600 Diamonds in one go through this medium and not only this, but you can also get back 5600 Diamonds immediately after taking it, you will not get any hindrance and as many as you want, you can get in a single day. Diamonds can be easily acquired, all you need is money.

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2 – Codashop

Codashop is the official partner of Garena where users can go to buy diamonds at the same rate as that of top-up. The difference is about only one thing, you can buy diamonds using codashop without entering the game while you need to enter the game to make top-up.

3 – Airdrops

Airdrops are the cheapest means to get diamonds in the game but they occur occasionally. Whenever your performance to the gameplay is good, an airdrop is placed in your I’d. You will cost a minimum ₹29 for a 100-diamond airdrop. And the same is the cheapest method to buy diamonds.

4 – Subscription / FF Membership

The second way is subscription or membership that is, you have to subscribe for one thing or more than one thing, there are different variants of subscription or membership where you will get diamonds by going inside the game. Out of which the most important two variants are called Free Fire Max Weekly Membership and Monthly Membership. In Weekly Membership, you have to pay for a week and get Diamonds which you will get for a week, and in the monthly membership, you will get Diamonds for a month.

The only drawback of this method is that you can take it multiple times at a time but you won’t get the diamonds at the same time, instead, your weekly membership will be restored after the end of the week. Your new monthly membership will be reinstated after every month. And hence, how these are applicable.

Today’s post is related to the same method of purchasing diamonds. We are stating all the information below. So head now.

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What Is Weekly Membership In Free Fire Max?

How To Get Weekly Membership In Free Fire Max
Free Fire Max Weekly Membership

Guys, Free Fire Max Weekly Membership is a temporary pass that you can buy to become a weekly member. And until the past lie, you can be able to claim diamonds. You will get 100 diamonds instantly as soon as you purchase it while you have to log login for continuous 7 days in a row to claim 50 diamonds daily for the preset day and for the next 6 days. There are multiple benefits of Free Fire Max Weekly Membership that we are going to list below.

Benefits Of Free Fire Max Weekly Membership

There are various benefits of Weekly Membership that are listed below.

  • You get an attractive badge that collects the player’s attention to it
  • A particular daily claim gets unlocked when you purchase the weekly membership
  • You will get multiple vouchers for Luck Royale within the period it’s active
  • You will get 100 diamonds for the first-ever Subscription to weekly membership.

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How To Get Free Weekly Membership In Free Fire Max?

How To Get Weekly Membership In Free Fire Max 2023
Free Fire Max Weekly Membership
  • First of all, make sure that your Google account has ₹159 as Google Play Balance or make sure the payment method that you select on the payment page possesses ₹159
  • Now open the game and go to the diamond center
  • From here, tap on the Subscription Tab
  • At the top, you will see a banner for weekly membership, tap on it
  • Now you will be shown a highlighting flag, get all the info from it
  • Now tap on the 159 icon and you will reach the payment page
  • From there, make a successful payment of ₹159 and the membership has been successfully purchased
  • You will receive 100 diamonds instantly and you need to login daily for the next 6 days to claim a total of 450 diamonds

These are the simple and most prominent steps to get weekly membership in Free Fire Max instantly in your account after successful payments. after that, you can start claiming daily free diamonds in the free fire max ID through the weekly membership section. You will get other benefits like a weekly banner in your profile section, extra gold coins, exciting rewards, and much more directly into your FF ID.

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How To Claim Free Diamonds From Weekly Membership in Free Fire Max?

  • Login To Free Fire Max Account.
  • Click on the FF Diamonds which will be present on the top part of the lobby.
  • You will enter the FF Diamonds Top-up Center.
  • There you will get different options. But, You have to click on subscriptions.
  • You will get your active weekly membership subscription.
  • After that, You have to start claiming free diamonds in your account daily from that page.
  • After claiming, it will be instantly credited to your account.

Is Free Fire Max Weekly Membership Best To Get FF Diamonds?

If you are looking for more FF Max diamonds in less amount, then you can go with the Free Fire Max Weekly Membership Subscription, because it will allow you to get 450 FF Diamonds for just 159 rupees. So, it will be better for you.

Also, there are many methods available in India to activate the FF Max Weekly membership subscription in your ID.


How do I cancel my FF weekly membership?

If you want to cancel your Free Fire Max weekly membership, then open your Google Play Store, and Open Payments & Subscription. You will get their FF Weekly membership, then click on it, and after that cancel the subscription.

What are the ways to get more FF diamonds in Fewer amounts?

If you want to get more Free Fire Max Diamonds in smaller amounts, then enable an FF Weekly subscription in your account, and Get 450 FF Diamonds only in 159.


So readers, here we are going to conclude the post and hopefully, you will have liked everything in this article. We have stated all the information and important details about the methods of purchasing diamonds in the game as well as shared the instructions about How To Get free Weekly Membership In Free Fire Max. Share this post with your friends and always be connected for more similar useful content about free Fire and free Fire Max.

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