How To Get Free Orion Character In Free Fire Max 2023

How To Get Free Orion Character In Free Fire Max: Finally after a long time, something unique and aggressive has been observed in the game free fire. In this post, we are going to propose an article about the same. It is about the activity update in the game. Be sure that you would read the post till last as a lot of information is going to be stated within it. Now let’s start this post which is all about How To Get Free Orion Character In Free Fire Max?

So readers, as mentioned we are going to state the info about How To Get Free Orion Character In Free Fire Max? We all know that currently, an event is going on which is named Project Crimson. Project Crimson is a long-term event that has been initiated in the game free weeks ago. Under this event, numerous events and activities have been launched in the game and something is quite important regarding this event that we are going to tell in the section below.

Free Fire Max New Orion Character

Project Crimson is an ongoing event in the game that has been initiated for a lot of many uses. The same event is providing the users with a lot of rewards including the one that is unexpected. It is non-other than The Character Orion. Yes friends, via the event, you are having a chance to guarantee the availability of the Orion character in your collection. We are going to share all the details and especially the instructions about How To Get Free Orion Character In Free Fire Max?

The very first thing you need to know is about the new free fire max character Orion. Maybe you would have heard the name but are you knowing the information and specialty of the character Orion? Well, don’t worry because we are here to state everything. Just keep moving below.

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Free Fire Max Orion Character Skills and Abilities

How To Get Free Orion Character In Free Fire Max
Free Fire Max Orion Character

Recently the game has been introduced with a Scorpio-themed event where multiple items were seen under the same animation. The entire event period is known as Project Crimson and the character in the game which is Orion has been brought into the game under the same Scorpio-themed event. Accordingly his appearance I’d likewise in the Scorpion format and his uniform too. You can see his uniform in the same red color appearance as other items from the Project Crimson event. Now let us move ahead to know the specialty of the FF New Character Orion.

So, the Free Fire Max Orion character is a male character and it is possessing an active skill. Active skill is the most used stuff in the game free fire and free fire max today. As you all know, every skill of characters is given a name. Likewise, the active skill of the Character Orion is named Crimson Crush. Crimson crush is a skill that is going to be extremely crazy and also something different than the others. Read the lines below where the statement of his active skill is written as found in the game.

FF Orion Character Skilss

Replaces EP with 300 Crimson Energy. It Consumes 150 Crimson Energy to activate its protection, during which you cannot take damage or attack enemies and will absorb 15 HP from enemies within 5m. Lasts for 3s. Cooldown: 30s.

So above mentioned line is the overview of the active skill that Orion is possessing. Now let us move towards the main point for which we are here. We are here for the topic How To Get Free Orion Character In Free Fire Max? So let us now start it.

For your information, let us state that this character is available in the game for free, and as mentioned above, Project Crimson is providing the opportunity to own many rewards, the Orion is also part of that reward. So, you need to complete the activities and missions in the game. Follow the instructions below to carry it perfectly.

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How To Get Free Orion Character In Free Fire Max

How To Get Free Orion Character In Free Fire Max
FF Orion Character

First of all, you have to make a login to the game. After logging in, just skip all the banners and move to the official interface of FF Max Project Crimson. This is accessible from the floating icon just beneath the friend list icon. After you go there, just observe all the icons.

Now you have to tap on login rewards as it will provide you 10 tokens that will be useful later and we will state about it below, so just go and claim.

Now look at the left-hand side and you would see an option for tasks, just click on it. You have to perform several tasks as stated below.

  • You have to log in to the game to get 1 token
  • You have to play 3 games to get 2 tokens
  • You have to eliminate 6 enemies to get 2 tokens
  • You have to deal 5 headshots to enemies to get 2 tokens
  • You have to play for 60 minutes to get 3 tokens

You have to complete these tasks on a regular basis and each day you would be provided with 10 tokens. Now you have to use these tokens to fill the progress bar that you could see on the right-hand side of the screen. Four levels would be there that would acquire 10, 20, 30, and 50 tokens respectively, just have to complete these tasks on a daily basis and insert tokens to level it up.

After leveling up each time, you would get 3 tokens in rewards and as mentioned above, just click on the login rewards to get the same token that is 10 in number. After the last level would be fulfilled, you will get the Orion character for absolutely free.

Now you are done and check the character in the character section, and equipt it from there, and play in-game matches like Ranked match, Classic, Clash squad, and clash squad ranked to test its abilities and skills to perform better as compared to others.

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What is the Price of Orion Character In Free Fire Max?

The Free Fire Max Orion Character is absolutely free, and you don’t have to spend any FF Diamonds or Gold to unlock it in your FF Id. Just complete in-game events, and Get a Free Orion Character in Free Fire Max.

What is the duration of the Orion Character Event?

The Free Fire Max Orion Character Event has ended. But, it is still going to be available for the next 30 days in store so that you can get it in your account.

What are the Skills Of the FF Orion Character?

If you want to know the skills and abilities of the Free Fire Orion Character, then check out the above-given information.

Can we get an Orion character from the store in Free Fire Max?

Yes, you can take an Orion character from the store in a free fire max account through coins, and FF Diamonds, because the events of this character has been end.


Here is the post on How To Get Free Orion Character In Free Fire Max? We have shared all the details with you along with each minor step involved in this activity. Hopefully, you would have liked the post, so keep us joined for more upcoming posts regarding similar useful content about free fire and free fire max.

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