How To Create Guild in Free Fire Max 2023

How To Create Guild in Free Fire Max 2023 Best Stylish Free Fire Guild Name: Hello friends, welcome to our new article today, where we are going to share some important things with you that are going to be related to Free Fire and we assure you that please do stay in this post today. Stay till last because today we will give you amazing information, knowing the same, you will be glad because today’s article is going to be related to one of the unique parts of FF that’s Free Fire Guild Name, with the help of which you can form your own team. So let’s start this article without any delay.

So friends, in today’s article we will talk about the Best Guild In Free Fire Max. Yes friends, if you have been playing Free Fire for some time, then you will know very well that there is something called a guild in Free Fire.

Even if you are unaware of it, you need to know about the same and want to do some experiments with it by browsing it, and that is why you are on this article today, Of course, we will tell you to do all these things but you will have to read this article from beginning to end, without missing any line, only then you will be able to know everything, out of which we are going to give you the most important information that is How To Create Guild in Free Fire Max in 2023 with Top 100 guild name in Free Fire.

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What is a Guild in Free Fire Max?

Friends, first of all, we need to know What Is A Guild In Our Game Free Fire Max, so we will first give you information about it. Like in real life, you make a team and keep any number of members in that team and that team becomes a group in which you can take help from anyone whenever you want or work together with the whole team, after all any work becomes very easy, as well as it is fun to do the same work, then in the same way a team is also formed in Free Fire, which we know by the name Guild.

A guild can have up to 40 players in Free Fire Max. Now you can choose these 40 players if you are a guild owner or if you are not a guild owner then you can join any guild and with those players who are members of the same guild, you can play the game i.e. enjoy and also you can make them your friends.

Game NameGarena Free Fire Max
Article AboutHow To Create Guild in Free Fire Max 2023
Benefits of Joining FF GuildYou will get daily free FF rewards

FF Guild is such a thing in Free Fire Max, with the help of which you play as a team, in addition to this, you will get the yellow custom room card with the help of the same guild, after which you can play a customized free fire max mode, that is also known as custom room card. So let us now take more interesting information about the guild.

Benefits Of Creating Guild In Free Fire Max

  • Friends, there is a lot of difference between joining a team and making a team, in the same way, if you create a guild, then you will see many such differences that you will not get by joining the guild, as if you will be indicated as the permanent founder of that guild and will also be called leader, every member of your guild will have to follow your orders
  • If you create a guild, you will get much more rewards including the Daily Rewards, but apart from this you will get many other rewards too
  • If you remain a guild leader, you will be able to expel others from your guild, but no one will be able to expel you, which is the biggest difference between joining a guild and creating a guild.

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How To Create Guild In Free Fire Max 2023?

How To Create Guild in Free Fire Max
best guild in free fire [FF Max]

Friends, if we talk about the guild, then there can be two things here, either you can create a guild or you can join the guild, there are few differences between the two if you create a guild, then you are the guild owner and after that, you have to add players and vice versa if you have joined any guild then, of course, you will not have to do anything just you will be involved and you will get lots of rewards.

But it is said that there is a difference between driving a car and owning a car, in the same way, it is applied here in the guild. So let’s know How You Can Create A Guild In Free Fire Max with the best guild name/nickname to represent your region.

  • So first you have to log in to the game
  • Now after this, you have to look at the top of the right side of your character lobby and there will be an icon similar to a shield, which is the icon of the guild, you have to click on it
  • Now you will come to the section of the guild where you will see the names of many guilds and on the bottom right side of the screen you will see the icon with the disabled button of create guild, you have to simply click on it
  • Now an interface will appear in front of you where you have to name your guild, you have to keep a name that does not exist first in Free Fire Max, after that you will get to see a lot of customization like what will be the icon of your guild or How many level players do you want to join and you have to take the application automatically or manually
  • After doing all these settings, if you have 5000 Gold Coins or 1000 Free Fire Max Diamonds, then using it, you have to tap on its icon which will be present below on this interface because it’s teg usual charge to create a guild in the game
  • Now successfully your guild is created and you can add members either by going to world chat or by sending guild joining requests to your friends or any player.

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Key Features of Joining Guild in Free Fire Max

How To Create Guild in Free Fire Max
benefits of joining guild in free fire max
  • So friends, now we are going to tell you what the benefits you will get if you join any guild instead of creating it
  • The first benefit that you get by joining a guild is that you become a member of a guild and you can play games with other members of the same guild and make them your friends
  • There is such an advantage that everyone needs something, which is free rewards, so if you join the guild, you will definitely get one reward every day, which means seven days a week, the only condition is that If you have joined the guild recently, then you have to remain in that guild continuously for 3 days, then only you will be able to claim the daily prizes
  • Now the most important and most considered advantage if a person joins the guild is that every Friday he/she becomes eligible for the yellow customer room cut, yes friends if your tournament score reaches 1800, every Friday, then you will get one Yellow custom room card absolutely free after which you can do a customized gameplay

How To Change The Guild Name In Free Fire Max?

How To Change Guild Name in Free Fire Max
Change Guild Name in Free Fire

Friends, we have given you some instructions in the above para, which is How To Create Guild In Free Fire Max to replace with it by best guild name In the same instructions, we have also told you where you have to name the guild, but if you start the guild in some such way that the name is to be changed later, for that you have to wander here and there and find that in which way you will be able to change the name of the guild. But don’t worry because the instructions given below are related to this problem and you can change the name of your guild very easily by following the instructions given below.

  • First, you have to log in to the game
  • Now you have to click on the guild icon from the interface of your character lobby
  • Now you will see that there will be an edit button above the logo of your guild, you have to click on it
  • Now you will see that the information of your entire guild will appear, after which you can edit any information and there you will see an edit button on the left side, right next to it a pencil mark will be made on top, just click on it
  • Now a bar will appear in front of you where you have to enter the new name and after that, you have to change the name by clicking on the diamond icon below, after which 500 diamonds will be deducted from your account and the name of the guild will be changed.

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How To Leave A Guild In Free Fire Max?

So friends now we also know that there is a big problem with you that you have joined a guild and after that, you don’t know how to leave that guild, isn’t it? If you have this problem then you have to read this paragraph very well and carefully so that you can understand very well that in which way you can remove yourself from one guild in order to join another guild or you can create your own guild.

  • You have to click on the guide of your home interface
  • After that you will see a tab of members, you have to click on the same
  • Now you have to click on your name and at the bottom you will see an arrow will be made, facing the left side, click on this arrow and you will be successfully logged out of the guild
  • Now you can apply to join another guild or create your own guild

Is Joining FF Guild in Free Fire Max Worth it?

Yes, Joining FF Guild in Free Fire Max worth it, because it will give you access to collect your friends in one place, and play in-game matches with them. You are going to get one important item after joining the FF Guild in Free Fire Max which is name change tokens. That will be used to get one name change card in Free Fire. Also, you are going to daily free rewards from your Guild section that are given by the Garena.

How To Get the Best Free Fire Max Stylish Name?

FF Max Guild is one of the best places where you can add all of your in-game friends and play battle royale matches in a new style with them. That’s why It becomes necessary for you to choose the best Free Fire Max Stylish Name that will look more attractive and unique from others. So, you can get the trending best stylish nickname for your Free Fire Max Guild from the NickFinder.Com website, and it is more popular for Free Fire Stylish Name.

FaQs: FF Guild in Free Fire Max

Which is the best Guild in Free Fire?

There are many best guilds in Free Fire & Free Fire Max. But, Vincenzo, Assassin Army, and Total Gaming are the best guilds in free fire.

Where is the guild in Free Fire?

After Free Fire & Free Fire Max OB41 Update, The FF Guild is available on the top right of the game lobby just beside the friend’s icons.

How much does it cost to make a guild in free fire?

If you plan to create a new guild in free fire or free fire max, you have to spend 5000 Coins or FF 1000 Diamonds.

How much does it cost to change a guild name in free fire?

Creating and changing the name of the new guild in Free Fire or Free Fire Max has a different cost. If you didn’t like your guild name and want to change it, then you have to spend FF 500 Diamonds from the account, then you can do this.

How can I contribute to my Guild’s growth?

If you want to contribute to your guild in free fire growth as a member, then

Start playing in-game matches, and complete the missions
Share your tips & tricks with newbie members in your guild in Free Fire
Help users with essential equipment and items
Keep the FF Guild environment safe and friendly

Can I be a part of multiple Guilds simultaneously in Free Fire?

No, at a time you can stay in one guild in Free Fire.

But, if you want to join others, then you have to leave the current guild, then after joins the others guild in Free Fire game.

Conclusion: Free Fire Guild [FF Max]

So friends, in today’s article, we have given you complete information about Free Fire Max Guild Name, and most importantly, we have told you how you can create and use Guild in Free Fire Max. We have told you what are the benefits that you get on joining the guild and creating a guild, and last, we have also given you the instructions to log out from any guild you have joined. We hope that you have liked this article and it will be useful for you if so then stay with us for more upcoming articles related to Free Fire and Free Fire Max.

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